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boys toys and pictures

So, Aerith's friends is up for the weekend which is cool. They spent a decent chunk of yesterday playing Devil May Cry. I like watching video games, but they were playing the same parts over and over again because they either wanted to power up or because they couldn't beat it. I fell asleep and missed a whole bunch of stuff. At least it looks pretty and i can be obnoxious by telling them what do to (not that i know how to play, though). :)
Only a few more missions until they beat the game. the girl is bad. no, that wasn't predictable.

also spent some time while they were playing playing with an online doll maker making pics for Cimmy. The site works best on a PC with Internet Explorer. I now need photoshop to shrink the pics down to acceptable size, but i can do that tuesday at work, if not before. here is the site:

last night at 3 am or so I got a brilliant idea for the Classics department site. once again, i need photoshop. grrr.

I know you hate it love, but I have to post. Don't read if you don't want to hear details about my sex. (like mom. mom, don't read this)
mmm...last night's sex was amazing. I was on top, but leaning over him. He was holding me very tightly. the movement was the kind where he barely moves out out, but then thrusts in deeper. It felt sooo amazing. mmm...i'm getting wet just thinking about it. I had my forehead pressed into a pillow and I was screaming (but in a good way). I don't think i've really been that LOUD in a while. the funny thing was that afterwards i found out that i had given myself a small headache. but it went away shortly afterwards. my boy is hot!
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