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Back in the swing of things

Yesterday was the first day where things really felt normal again.

I got up and went to work. At work I played on the internet, did a bit of work, and helped a person. yay. Also got to see people that I haven't seen in a month and feed some of them homemade chocolate-raspberry chip cookies :)

After work I did 30 min on an elliptical at the gym. Yay for me with the working out and stuff.

Then I ran a few errands both on campus and on the way home. Stopping by B&N to pick up the new book by otterdance that came out yesterday and then reading it while walking home totally counts as an errand.

I made dinner last night. I totally under estimated how long the chicken was going to take to cook, but it turned out okay anyway. One of these days I'll figure out this timing thing.

To end the night I went to karaoke with FireCat and zyrain. We were almost the whole rotation so we got to sing a lot. Various and sundry silliness was had. My favorite moment was when FireCat was singing "Stand By Me" and Zyrain and I ran up to either side of her and started swaying with her. It was sweet. :)

Ok, back to alternating between reading and watching lion cubs. At some point I'll get more work done.
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