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dancing again

Went dancing last night at Touchstone again! This time is was the Catling (catling42), Nayone, the Lady and I. Once again I had a really good time. It was nice when they started to teach a dance and I realized that I already knew it. No big huge revilations this time. Just enjoying the dance. There is this one dance where most people while we walk in a circle, keep their hands over their stomachs, but the music just moves me so much that I have to move my arms to it. There was also this really fast dance which involved going back and forth really fast. I don't think anyone was really doing the steps right. I know i wasn't. Poor Nayone. She looked really upset because she wanted to get it RIGHT and couldn't. Well, I guess we'll just have to go again :) There was also this dance where the music sounded very zydico-sque. It really made me happy because it reminded me soo much of home. It was strange, but until I pointed it out, it seems that almost no one there realized the singing was in French. But to me, the moment I heard the opening of the song, i knew it couldn't have been sung in any other language. I really had a good time. There was one time when I looked over at Nayone and she just looked so beautiful. I just wanted to run up and kiss her right then, but I didn't because it wouldn't have been right. I am so glad she is my girlfriend.

On the way back to the car we noticed that the moon was pretty full. So we started singing to the moon. Then we were singing in the car and teaching the Lady some pagan chants. Hurray. It was fun.

We had to go help the Catling move her bedding into the Batcave, so we walked into Sessions singing the "we all come from the goddess" chant. we scared the normals who were having a hall party. it was fun. Then we brought the Catling to the Batcave and hung out there for a bit.

Then the Lady, Nayone and I came back to Aerith's and we watched the Phantom Menace b/c 3G wanted to. I got to see the ETs in the Imperial Senate again. :) Had to point them out to Nayone. Yay for the PS2 acting as a DVD player b/c it has a really good pause. I fell asleep when the attack on the Gungan army was about to happen. Not that i haven't seen it a million times, but I feel a little sad that I missed the lightsaber duel. I like that part.

Today involves helping the Catling move, doing laundry, and moving all my shit back to Smith so I can start the semester. Oh, and an ASP meeting thrown in there somewhere. EEK. I can't believe classes start TOMMOROW!!!!
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