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A quiz and school

First of all, in case ANYONE is surpirsed, here is the result to the Goddess Test:

See which Greek Goddess you are.

I am back at school. It feels good to be back now. In my room in my space. It's actually mostly clean. Except for the sheets. I need to do those.

I put my chalice on my altar. OMG, the whole thing started buzzing. The energy gave me such a kick i felt like I was bouncing off walls. I had to go touch metal to calm down. But it is calmer now. More adjusted which is nice.

I had to go to Nayone's and Catling's to get my calendar, which I had left there. The batcave looks really nice. I think it's more of the catcave now :) And Nayone was glad to see me (I surprised her). Went into brennaraven room. Wow. There was major ritual crack going on in there. NRG was sizzling btween our fingers. I got to introduce myself to Brenna's roomie as Nayone's g/f. hurray.

must sleep. have to get up earlyish and out to buy books and stuff. I'm kind of nervous about Latin b/c i haven't taken it in a semester, but w/all the greek i did, it should be ok.
Tags: meme, nayone, pagan, quiz

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