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Last week of freedom

I've been enjoying my last week of "freedom" before I rejoin the working world.

I've spent most of the week so far cleaning up the apartment (gods, did it need it). The study is in a MUCH better shape than it has been in a long time. There's still a lot to go on it (can we say total reorganization of the closet), but the paperwork is off of my desk-bed/the floor and has been put away, put into meaningful piles, or been trashed/recycled. Last night syhira brought over the futon base that she no longer needs so we put my desk-bed up on top of it. It's going to take some time for me to adjust to my desk-bed being up so high. I've also tackled the mess that was the kitchen and just finished doing a dark hand-wash load in the washer (I love that my washer has that setting).

I hope to finish cleaning this place up this week, which includes lots of vacuuming and possibly reorganizing my clothing (especially the clothing in the closet...I may need to buy more hangers).

I've also spent some time reading Children of Dune, watching Season 2 of Weeds (wow it's a good show!) and watching some Firefly. Had a nice long conversation today with artemis42, which I think we both needed.

Last night I went to karaoke and stayed out very late doing so. It was a lot of fun (as always) and I really had a good time/felt that I rocked it. I sang a bunch (yay for a short rotation). I think that my favorites of the night were "Call Me", "Walk this Way" (the pure Aerosmith version), and "The Time of My Life" duet with zyrain.

Next week: work. In three weeks = week long trip to Massachusetts. October = filling up fast with the Browncoat Ball, TRF, and Halloween parties.

Oh and lordaerith and I are planning to go to RHPS this weekend. Let us know if you are coming too.
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