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First Two Days of Classes

Well, I've now had all of the academic classes that I am going to have for the first half of the semester.

The Aeneid - Looks like work, but fun cause Latin is cool. Prof Ryan seems like she will be a hard ass, but that's good b/c Latin is picky. I'm glad that I just remember my latin right now and don't think it's Greek.

American Drama and Theatre - I forgot how much I just LOVE Kiki! She's so cute. Much bigger class than the last one I took with her. Should be good. Reading some new stuff and some stuff that I've had to read over and over and over again. At least I'll know those.

History of Opera - Seems like it's going to be fun. I'm a little worried that I don't know ALL the technical terms of music, but that's ok. Will be a decent amount of work, lots of listening to Opera, but I have to keep reminding myself that I'm taking it pass/fail.

As for riding, I'm not sure when the meeting is yet. And my web design class doesn't start until the second half of the semester. Catling is in the first and second half. She says that the prof is cool. I'm glad.

So far this semester looks really cool. I'm excited about it. Even though the fact that it's my last one really scares me.
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