Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

Ten Years

Yesterday lordaerith and I celebrated 10 years of being an "official" couple. That's about ⅓ of each of our lives. Pretty crazy. And to think it all started with me answering "Sure, why not." when he asked me to "go out with" him.

It's funny to think that we met at a Vampire LARP and our first "official" date was to RHPS. I'm not sure if that set the tone of our relationship, but it sure makes a good story.

We actually celebrated on Saturday night by going out to diner at Kobe Steakhouse where, thanks to his mother, we were both able to order the Kobe steak fillet mignon. OMG, they were amazing and left both of us in food comas!

I don't have anything to say that he hasn't heard a million-and-one times before. So I'll simply say, To Jonathan: I love you yatches and yatches.

Tags: aerith, anniversary, relationships, via ljapp

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