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Browncoat Ball

During the second weekend in October (10-12), I attended the 2008 Browncoat Ball, hosted by the Austin Browncoats.

Friday night I showed up in a take on River from Safe outfit. I got to hang out with lots of cool people and make new friends (some of whom I'd actually met before, but didn't realize it). Hung out by the merch booth and took part in some of the general sillyness. There was food and crafts in the reception room and Ammy from SF taught us some folk dancing for the ball the next night. Dancing in combat boots is not the easiest thing in the world. I think my favorite part of the dancing was when we were learning a traveling dance that included dancing with everyone and my partner (who was one of the people helping Ammy teach) said to me, "This isn't a very monogamous dance." To which I responded, "That's okay, I'm not a very monogamous person."

After it was over, oracle_tx and apryl_knight were kind enough to give me a ride home via Kerby Lane Cafe. They had a really awesome sounding meatloaf on the menu, but they were out of it by the time we got there.

Pictures from Friday night:

Dancing Practice
Dancing Practice

Raffle Tickets
Raffle Tickets


On Saturday, emeraldliz and DCS picked me up bright and early for a day of fun sessions. The first session I went to was about video editing. I think that it went over the head of a lot of the audience. The second one I did was learning Mahjong.

After the second session, it was lunch break. Liz, DCS, and I ended up taking Ammy out to Threadgills for a true Southern lunch. After that there was some time to kill before the next session, so I crashed in Inara's Shuttle (aka the hospitality suite) for a while. Ended up in a cuddle pile watching Shindig.

My last session was Bellydancing, taught by apryl_knight. It was a lot of fun and a really good workout. We even learned a simple routine to perform at the Ball that night (which I ended up not performing due to wearing a corset-type top). After the session, we headed home to get ready for the Ball that night.

lordaerith and I decided to wear our wedding outfits to the Ball. It took us a while to get ready, but it was totally worth it. We got there near the end of the cocktail hour and got to chat with a bunch of lovely people, including zyrain, who had told me that he was coming to the BCB, but I was worried that he'd forgotten about it because I hadn't seen him all day.

The Ball itself was a ton of fun. Everyone got announced in. There was a string quartette during dinner. Dinner was quite good. We sat with emeraldliz, DCS, and a bunch of Austin Browncoats.

After dinner, the bellydancing class did their routine. Then there was dancing, including some of the folk dances from the day before, and talking and performances from the Brobdingnagian Bards and the Bedlam Bards. There was also a raffle and prizes for various things. zyrain ended up winning best male dancer.

Pictures from the Ball:

Aerith and I being announced
Aerith and I being announced into the ballroom

Liz and DCS being announced
Liz and DCS being announced

I love my dress!

Bellydancing routine
Bellydancing routine


Folk dancing
Folk Dancing

Dancing with DCS
Dancing with DCS

Zyrain looking dashing
zyrain looking dashing

Zee and Adam
Zee and Adam

On Sunday, Zee and Adam were kind enough to drive me to brunch. Mmm...brunch. Ended up leaving a little earlier than planned with oracle_tx in order to drop off a friend from LA at the ER to get her arm checked out (she had injured it at the Ball and it was swelling) before her flight later that day. I'm still not sure what became of that.

Came home and crashed for a little while.

More pictures from the BCB 2008 can be found at:
Sky Pirate
Robyn's Roost
Flickr Group
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