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Labyrinth Sing-Along

Last night lordaerith and I went to see the Labyrinth Sing-Along/Quote-Along at the Alamo Drafthouse. OMG!!! It was amazing.

We were first in line, so we were able to grab 10 seats in a great row. Slowly our friends, including Bouncy and her friend, nikkita422 and her man, and gryphynkit showed up.

First order of business, opening the prop bag (yes, they gave us all prop bags), taking out the sock, googly eyes, felt circle, and yarn and use the glue, puff paint, and scissors to make sock-muppets. I gave mine something between a bad emo hair cut and a mullet. The prop bag also included a red balloon to substitute for a head during the Fireies scene, bubbles to blow during the ball sequence, and a popper to pop at the end of the movie. Some people also got whoopie cushions to help add to the sound effects at the Bog of Eternal Stench.

The movie experience itself was awesome! The whole theater was singing along with all the songs (they had subtitles up on the screen) and quoting along with their favorite lines. Some lines, such as "Smells Bad," were subtitled where as others, such as "I said 'Ello but that's close enough," were just shouted out by the whole audience. Of course you could quote along at any time with any line (which I often did). And because we were encouraged to be loud, there was a little bit of shouting back/commentary going on. I think the row in front of us was playing a drinking game, and taking a drink every time Sarah whined or complained about the Labyrinth. And as expected, there was lots of cheering and the whole audience cracked up when Hoggle was on his knees in front of Jareth.

And to make the night even more awesome, the host was dressed up like David Bowie, complete with wig and exaggerated package.

I had such a good night. I need to go to more of these things!
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