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Workout Semi-fail

Finally got my ass in gear and headed out to the work out room.

The treadmill was out of order, so I had to use the elliptical. I don't generally mind the elliptical, but the one at our workout room doesn't have a place for me to put my water bottle or balance my iPhone (like the treadmill does).

Found out that the episode of Top Chef that was on my iPhone was the one that I watch the last time I worked out. Ended up finding The Wedding Singer on VH1 to watch instead (if I don't watch something then I spend my entire workout looking at the time.

I still did about 30 min on the elliptical, so I'm proud of me. Putting the correct episode of Top Chef on iPhone now.

Also, Camera stopped by to say hi while I was on the machine, which was nice.

Time for bath/shower.
Tags: exercise, workout

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