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To do get a To Do list. Don't you feel special??
  • Fill out unemployment claim
  • Email unemployment people about claimed wages amount being lower than what I was making (since i can't seem to get through on the phone)
  • Return emails to friends who emailed me ages ago
  • Update WorkInTexas profile
  • Fill out Texas State App form and Supplemental form to apply for THDI job
  • Email THDI contact and make sure job is still open
  • Write cover letter for at least one other job
  • Update UT job profile
  • Apply for UT job (if it's still open) - not open.
  • Update iPhone
  • Go to gym - scrapped due to low blood sugar issues
  • Clean kitchen
  • Take out all trash
  • Finally clean sink in master bathroom
  • Figure out plan for watching stuff on DVR since it is getting full
  • Eat lunch (possibly watch an episode Big Love at the same time)
  • Figure out/make dinner - called for Pizza from Brooklyn Pie Co.
  • Watch last night's Lost with lordaerith
  • Read more of (but not too much of) Kushiel's Scion
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