Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

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  • 17:37 Watching the Super Bowl in order to record types of commercials on a spreadsheet. So far Movie Trailers and Cars both have two.
  • 18:08 @wilw At least it's not Will Ferrell.
  • 18:08 So far the #Doritos commercials have been the most entertaining. #xlviii
  • 18:14 Ok, I'll admit it, the #startrek trailer made me squee.
  • 18:45 Channel Promo/TV Shows just caught up with Cars, but Movie Trailers has pulled ahead.
  • 19:50 After the half time, car commercials are now in front.
  • 19:52 Favorite half-time commercial: the heroes from Heroes playing football against NFL players.
  • 20:10 Sweet, we finally got the New Orleans Saints in the Superbowl (ok, it was just a commercial). And we don't have sno-cones, we have snoballs!
  • 20:28 Best commercial ever!
  • 20:38 "go to to vote for the MVP" very new media. wonder how much it will count.
  • 21:03 HOLY CRAP!!!!
  • 21:11 channel promos/tv shows is the winner, followed by cars. internet and movie trailers tie for third.
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