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The Frenchman

The Frenchman is visiting me this weekend, which is awesome. He flew in yesterday. Last night I took him to Kerby Lane Cafe for dinner and then we met up with lordaerith and gailmom at the Spider House and when to The Burlesque For Peace. The show was a lot of fun. Some of the performers were really good. After the show I drove the Frenchman around a bit of downtown Austin.

This morning gailmom and I snuck out and brought back breakfast tacos for breakfast. This afternoon the Frenchman and I took a walk around my neighbourhood.

Right now the three of us are at the Salt Lick waiting for a table. Since the wait is really long, the Frenchman and I went over to the table where some people were selling Girl Scout cookies. When they saw that the Frenchman had a beer in his hand, one of the mothers mentioned that Shortbreads go well with beer. Sometimes I love Texas.

Tags: barbeque, burlesque, dinner, food, friends, via ljapp

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