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awesome weekend

Had a really fantastic weekend.

Friday I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate raspberry icing, adapted from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook. They turned out awesomely yummy. Yay.

Friday night lordaerith and I went over to spottedvasa, shadow_nite2, and bouncyone's house for Rock Band. Got to hang out with awesome people like lorelein, gryphynkit, eliset, and moonwick. I sang two songs. Aerith said that he thought I sang really well. Yay! All those months of karaoke and Rock Band are paying off :).

Me with Peaches and MonkeySaturday we got up early and drove to Bryan, TX to surprise gailmom with cupcakes (gryphynshadow was in on it). The plan was to put up a chicken coop, but it was too cold and windy out, so we ended hanging out with really awesome people instead. In the afternoon, Gail's kids, Peaches (5) and Monkey (3), showed up. GS made us all laugh by giving them rides and then sliding them across the floor (aka "bowling with babies"). The kids soon decided that I was fun. It started with Peaches climbing into my arms. Then there was, in no order: playing Snakes and Ladders with Monkey while Peaches, dresses as Spiderman, climbed all over everything; playing Pooh Bingo with the two of them in Peaches' room; cuddling with Peaches and Gail which quickly turned into a tickle fight; sitting on the couch with Aerith while Peaches sat between us; crawling after Monkey under the table; and laying down with Peaches on the beanbag chairs in the play room while she watched a DVD.

dyionisiac made a really yummy lunch, which due to being on call, she didn't get to enjoy. It was nice to sit down with everyone, including the kiddos. There was a really nice pagan grace that was said but I don't remember it. At some point in the evening, after the kids went to their dad's, gryphynshadow was making dinner and dyionisiac, todfox, and I pulled out our laptops and played the "have you heard this geeky song" game. It was a lot of fun. :). Dinner was yummy too. After dinner there were Clue-by-four tarot readings. gryphynshadow sure doesn't pull any reading punches when she's tipsy. It's funny. Then there was more hanging out and cuddling and stuff.

On Sunday we all got up really really late...There were pancakes for breakfast and then we all gathered around Gail's computer to watch President Obama's most recent YouTube address. I really love my president! Finally lordaerith and I headed back to Austin to give some love to our poor hungry kitties. Got to check in with artemis42, which is always a pleasure.

Sunday night we watched Dollhouse. Holy plot twist Batman. I think I'm still picking my jaw off the floor. Then we played WoW for a while. We got Durkonian and Morriae (our Dwarves) to level 30 and got mounts for both of them. Hurray!
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