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Meeting minor celebrities

This week is South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. The best part about it is the chance to meet lots of semi-famous people.

Jonathan Coulton performed on Sunday with Paul and Storm. As usual, lordaerith and I showed up very early. CaptainValor got there before us, so we were second in line. As I posted before, we got to go in and see the soundcheck.

The concert was really really awesome. Paul and Storm have a song called Opening Band which has the line "And, sad to say, as of today, no panties have been thrown." I had emailed my favorite underwear company, Wacky Jac and they had sent me a pair of their "Lo Carb" panties for me to throw on stage at that line. Being that we were in the front row, I lobbed the panties up on stage in a perfect arch and Paul caught them perfectly in his hand. He then hung them on his mic stand for that song, and then on Storm's mic stand where it stayed for the entire show.

Jonathan Coulton was amazing, as always. He played a fantastic set. He brought his ZenDrum so we got "Mr. Fancy Pants." It was apparent that he's had a lot of practice with it since the first time I saw him use it. When JoCo performed Still Alive, CaptainValor, who was sitting next to me, signed the whole thing along with him. After the concert JoCo said that if he had realized it was him, he would have called him on stage to do it for everyone. Here is the YouTube version of it:

After the concert, we looked up and saw that Felicia Day was sitting in the VIP area. She came down with Paul and Storm and JoCo and was very sweet, even though we could tell she was tired (she had also lost her voice).

Today Amanda Palmer (1/2 of the Dresden Dolls), tweeted that she was going to be staging a flashmob pillow fight on 6th Street. I grabbed my pillow and headed downtown. Felt a little silly walking around with a pillow, but then I saw people with pillows at the appointed place. Hung out a bit with Zoe of Vermillion Lies while waiting for Amanda. She showed up and all of us where were there gathered in the middle of the street. Amanda made an awesome speech about how there were going to be no winners or losers in this pillow fight and how when we hit each other we should be doing it with love and compassion. Then we all put our pillows in the center, did a primal scream and came up swinging. The whole thing was awesome and there were feathers going everywhere. Eventually we all fell over on the street and then formed little cuddle piles. Amanda jumped on the one I was part of and then gave us hugs. She gave me a little kiss on the cheek and then I shyly asked her if I could have a real kiss. She gave me one. It was full on the lips and held for just the right amount of time. It was really amazing! Afterwards AFP was really sweet and let us take pictures with her and the like. She was going to sing and play for us, but it was too loud (there was lots of music from the bars filtering onto the street).

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