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talks and ROCKY HORROR

well, after a very emotionally harroing weekend filled with lots of crying and hugs, I think that everything is worked out between me and Aerith. I've promised to be more comunicative and he's promised to be more thoughtful. In fact, he was at the store today and bought me a chocolate bunny. :):):):)

tonight was supposed to be game, but it wasn't. So...Aerith took me to Barnes&Nobles and the Holyoke Mall. I am now the proud owner of the rocky horror show new cast cd, rocky horor 25th dvd (for ssffs, i get my money back), a really cute shirt from hot topic and a postcard that says "i poke badgers with spoons."

Oh, and for Smithies only:
The Smith Science Fiction and Fantasy Society is showing ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW on March first, in Stoddard Hall. Doors open at 11pm, pre-show at 11:30pm. No food props, please. For more info, contact...ME.
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