Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

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  • 08:46 RT: @choochoobear: via @diabola New Hulu CEO dreams of charging for content. The web laughs. Loudly.
  • 10:13 This deserves an RT for its sheer geekiness: @bromanko A SQL query goes into a bar, walks up to two tables and says, "Can I join you?"
  • 10:15 RT: @grantimahara: RT @psiegfried Are you into reverse engineering? #robotpickuplines
  • 10:17 @whedonesque Crew member aboard Serenity. Get to see the 'Verse and get into all kinds of crazy shenanigans.
  • 11:49 Dear iPhone, I love it when I'm thinking of a song and you randomly start playing it. (ie: "Perfect Fit" by The Dresden Dolls/@amandapalmer)
  • 15:50 RT: @galateabot: Also, @FeliciaDay singlehandedly stormed Orgrimmar with a level 43 Blood Elf warlock named "Fluffykins". #feliciadayrumors
  • 15:55 @feliciaday and Storm of @paulandstorm are secretly conspiring to kill Paul and become @feliciadayandstorm #feliciadayrumors
  • 19:21 RT: @Aeire: Okay, retweetin because people didn't seem to see it - organic ant killer =
  • 19:50 @grantimahara @donttrythis - ok, got another YouTube video for y'all to try out:
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