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  • 18:10 Watching the Tony's Creative Art Awards live webcast:
  • 18:34 And Billy Elliot has it's 4th Tony already. #tonys #tonyawards
  • 18:37 I love the Creative Awards. I wish they'd start broadcasting them on TV again. #tonys #tonyawards
  • 19:06 Not really loving this opening medley/montage. #tonys
  • 19:08 OMG, it's West Wing the Musical #tonys
  • 19:15 Oh NPH, you are so funny!
  • 19:40 So they made Lord Farquad an even gayer Nathan Lane? #tonys
  • 19:42 RT iThought: #tonys NPH I love you! Smellovision? Brilliant...can only imagine Rock of Ages' smell...stale beer and peanuts?
  • 19:45 oh, so the music gets to be on tv, but no the book. WTF #tonys
  • 19:52 RT SarahMarie37: Umm, that's the Whitest Maria I've ever seen: #Tonys
  • 19:58 RT: @slstickney: @athenenumphe She's Argentinian. Wow, I didn't know.
  • 20:05 Love that the audience gets to have a roll in the Rock of Ages number. #tonys
  • 20:35 Did Carry Fisher and Liza get drunk together before the show or something? #tonys
  • 21:20 RT @YankeeMate: wow Sonia's a perkier JK Rowling twin... never knew #Tonys
  • 21:39 And accepting the award for Hair are people with hair. #tonys
  • 21:49 Alice Ripley: Musical Theatre is a fine art. So much love! #tonys
  • 21:53 RT @wordclouds: I think Neil Patrick Harris has been underused #Tonys
  • 22:05 OMG, Neil Patrick Harris finale made of total EPIC WIN!!! #nph #tonys
  • 22:06 RT @innervation: RIP to the careers of Tonys audio directors Ed Greene and Ed Rak.
  • 22:07 Well, after seeing the #tonys, the ONLY musical that looks interesting is Next to Normal.
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