Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
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  • 08:21 Transformers was great, if you like watching Star Wars, Chuck, T-2, Indiana Jones 1 & 3, and generic fairy tale in one movie...
  • 08:21 with gigantic robots fighting so quickly that it was hard to tell who was who and a dash of really bad acting.
  • 10:27 RT: @kjpepper: best Transformer review ever.
  • 11:34 @thinkgeek I don't care because I don't like Blade Runner. I also don't like the book.
  • 14:50 Show support for democracy in Iran add green ribbon to your Twitter avatar with 1-click -
  • 20:23 Wow, I take a 3 hour nap and the world finds out that MJ has died.
  • 21:33 At the Ladies of the 80s Sing-a-long @drafthouse, rocking the side ponytail.
  • 21:50 Kicked off with a toast to Michael! #singalong
  • 22:31 @circoea I'm dancing right next to you.
  • 22:37 Awesome Walk like an Egypian conga line on stage #singalong
  • 22:47 Walking on Sunshine and eating chocolate cake. It feels good #singalong
  • 23:10 "This is a song about war. Then it becomes a kick-ass party about war" #singalong
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