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Long weekend

(Note: I started writing this last Sunday)

On Friday lordaerith and I went to Schlitterbahn for some awesome water park fun. The weather was hot but cloudy which made it perfect water park weather. We waited in too long of a ride for the Wolfpack, which wasn't really worth it. However, the Boogie Bahn Surfing Ride totally was. We thought we were both going to wipe out horrifically. I was terrified when I actually got to the shoot, but once i was on the board in the water, it was an amazing rush. I actually got stuck at the lip for a few moments and was so close to making it back down before I got washed over the edge. Aerith tried to be fancy and ended up going off of the side. Then we headed over to Shiltterbahn West. Our favorites over there were the Whitewater Tube Chute and the Downhill Racer, the latter being another one that was scary at the top, but so much fun once we got going. Aerith beat me too the bottom of that one, but only cause I caught my feet at the top edge (and they're nicely bruised, btw).

After we were done with the water park, we headed out to Bryan to spend the weekend with gailmom and gryphynshadow. Had a great time hanging out with them and at the small party that they threw on Saturday night. Really enjoyed surprising lordaerith by having a fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements show up at the house for him. Also, gail and I dragged him to his first pedicure. I got purple toe nails with these really pretty flowers on my big toes. Aerith didn't get polish put on, even though I kept suggesting that he go with dark blue.

Finally got to meet parathalyn in person. Met up with her and her boy for lunch. Was really good to meet her in person. Hope we didn't scare her away by being too weird.

Saturday night lordaerith bbq'd for us and then there was a small party, which was a lot of fun.

Sunday started with what could have been really bad poly drama, but because we all took responsibility, communicated things clearly, and acted like adults, it didn't. Came back home to kitties, who had spent then weekend being watched by the wonderful lorelein, played some WoW and went to bed.
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