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Listy List

I'm sure there are those of you out there who must be thinking, "Ms. Athene, we haven't seen a to do list from you in quite a while." Well, my dear friends, here is the list of things that must be done so that lordaerith, gailmom, and I can head out to Poly Big Fun today.
  • Shower & shave
  • Finish Naamah's Kiss by Jacqueline Carey
  • Figure out if we have stuff here for the toga party
  • Go to CostCo to buy snacks
  • Get gas/put air in tires - only one tire needed air
  • Possibly get stuff to wear at toga party - this was a total fail
  • Go to Walgreens
  • Attempt to sew button back onto dress - Gail did this for me. yay
  • fold laundry - she also did this.
  • Pack my clothing into suitcase (Aerith's clothing, sheets & towels already packed)
  • Pack toiletries and the like
  • Pack other accessories (don't forget camera!)
  • Pack extra shoes (don't forget water shoes!)
  • Pack toys
  • Pack games
  • Pack food stuffs
  • Find a new book to read and pack that
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean living room/dining room
  • Clean bedroom
  • Clean bathrooms (including toilets!) - decided they were pretty clean
  • Clean litter boxes (possibly change litter)
  • Vacuum house
  • Take out all trash - gail helped here also
  • Let lorelein know that we threw out the old cat used litter container and are just taking the kitchen trash can around the house when we scoop the litter boxes.
  • Change sheets on bed for lorelein
  • Eat lunch
  • Get directions to PBF
  • Give gail lots of hugs and kisses when she gets here
  • Pack up everything that we're taking with us in the car
    • Suitcases
    • Food
    • Games, etc
    • Air mattress
    • Box fan
  • Feed cats lunch
  • Turn off computer, pick up lordaerith from work, and head out to PBF!
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