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2/3 Dreams:
I dreamed that I was in this weird auditorium where if you sat on the left side (facing the bottom) you couldn't see it at all. There were some people there and somehow they thought that RHPS was this friday and they wanted to see it right then. I tried to explain that it was next friday and that it was primarily for smithies. but there was this really skanky guy who swore that he was going to round up a whole bunch of drunken frat boys and bring them. I was trying to ask him not to and he got all in my face and was really scary. Then a friend of mine (strong male, not sure who) came over and promised to "take care" of skanky guy. but the whole thing really scared me.
Then (either another dream or not). I was walking along the street (I think Banbury Rd. in Oxford) and there was something about catching the bus, but missing it, but then we (there was a male-type person w/me) decided to walk b/c there was a bus stop every 2 blocks, but i think we were trying to catch the B43. I think so stuff happened along the way, but it's fuzzy.

other dream:
Ancient Egypt, in a egyptian temple (that looked more like a museum of egyptian stuff) and a french looking courtyard that went w/it. First the ruler was hanging out in the courtyard and then he went inside and then this evil person locked him in a room so that he would dye in there. He was closed in with this really big door. But somehow everyone was stuck in the building for YEARS. Then the ruler broke through the stone door somehow. Then he had to get out. There was this window that couldn't be opened, but it had rusty hindges, so the ruler took a long hooked pole and started pulling the rusty metal out of the hindges and the other people didn't notice until he was almost done. And he climbed out onto the roof of the next building over. Down below was the person who was trying to rule in his place and the real ruler chased him around and that's all i remember.
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