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Of giving blood and broken wrists

I gave blood today for the first time ever. I was a little nervous about it. At first it was going fine. Then right towards the end I started to feel nauseous. Then right as it was done I got very nauseous and started freaking out, but the nurse was awesome and totally calmed me down and gave me gatorade and water. After a while I was feeling a lot better and after taking my blood pressure twice more they declared that I could got get a snack.

While I was eating my raisins, I got a call from lordaerith. He asked me if he drove to get me if I could take him to the ER, but not to worry. So I went back into work, told my boss I had to take lordaerith to the ER, that I'd be missing the departmental meeting (and possibly the rest of the day), heated up my lunch (I wanted to make sure that I ate after the whole giving blood thing), and waited for lordaerith to show up.

Apparently he slammed his hand with a piece of wood around 10am and as the morning wore on it became hard to move his wrist. So we sat in the ER for a while and they took x-rays and it turns out that he broke his scaphoid bone. He got lucky that the bone didn't move at all so it should heal pretty easily. So he's in a little half-cast/half-ace bandage thing with a number for an orthopedic surgeon. He was really funny earlier when he was high on the pain meds. Not really something that we wanted to happen...especially with the move this month.

PS. I'll give Hung another shot or two, but it better pick up.
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