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My Dad, a world ranking fencer!

Daddy in his USA Fencing garbAll this week my dad has been in Moscow for the World Veterans Fencing Championships. He made the USA's 60-69 Men's Foil, placing 4th in the country (which is just high enough to get on the team) even though he missed one tournament.

I knew that his competition was yesterday, but work was crazy and I didn't get a chance to look at the results or try to see him on the webcam. However, I got an email from him this morning. He placed 6th!!!! In the world!!!! (for his age group). This is really really impressive, especially as he was fencing against former Olympians and World Champions.

Congratulations Daddy!!! You are awesome and I'm really proud of you!!!

I tried to find out the full results online, but they don't have them up yet. I was able to find the results of the final 16. He lost to a German 5-10 in the semi-finals, but that's the last set of bouts that I can find with him in them.
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