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poetry, rocky, and shakespeare

Went to the Mulch open mic night. Was sitting there thinking how what i brought to read wasn't very political or anything (a lot of people were reading polictical stuff) because it was just the translation of Polyxena's speach from Hecuba that i did for class last semester. But about half way through the monologue, i realized that it had a very strong message about slavery and stuff. hmm...interesting how some things cross culture and time. :) makes me happy to be a classical studies major!

then RHPS! we actually had a good crowd :) Had Brenna on virgin patrol (stopping all at the door and marking them). The virgins had NO CLUE what they had to do. It was a lot of fun. :) And the night went well. We had a cast. Next time must bring flashlights for cast. And clean up was fast, since no rice or confetti was thrown. And a big thanks to 3G and Aerith for getting the sound and lights and everything to work right. It couldn't have worked without them. So...hopefully we will do this again :) :).

And last night we went to see Love's Labours Lost at UMass. Very very very good production. The Green One did the costume disign and did such an amazing job! And most of the acting was good, even though sometimes I felt like i was loosing some of the words. I loved the times when only Nayone and I were laughing. It was like "are we the only two who got that?" but in a really cool way. I feel like I must go over the text again to catch what I missed.

Then I spent my first Sat night in many moons at Smith to give my others a chance to be alone with each other. It was strange but good. I got some Aeneid reading done and was productive this morning. must go and get more done.
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