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today (w/a bit of yesterday)

to do today:

1. read Rasin in the Sun
2. go to class
3. go to library hours
4. go to Chapel
5. go to CDO
6. fill out fundraising forms at SGA office
7. research in library
8. do latin homework
9. e-mail orgs
10. catch up on horseback riding journal.
11. try to find Tartot book.

in other news...Listened to Fidelio last night. is v. good. Found out that the big red chairs at Josten are more than enough for one person, but two people are a comfy fix.

Went home with Jonathan last night. Had really great sex. Lots of foreplay and then just very slow and sensual. We looked into each other's eyes the whole time. It was so magical! Almost like a rediscovery of each other and our love for one another. I felt so sexual and so beautiful. And...we had our socks on the whole time :)
Tags: aerith, homework, list, opera, sex, to do
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