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Good weekend

Had a really good weekend.

gailmom came into town on Thursday, which is always awesome. We got curtains for our front windows made by the amazing apryl_knight.

Friday I left work a little early because I'd already worked over 42 hours and lordaerith and I went to the store and then came home and napped for too long. Then I made my starting-to-become-famous apple cobbler (I pretty much used this recipe from How to Cook Everything, except I modify the filling based on Jill's Apple Pie filling from More from Magnolia. It came out so much better now that I have a 9x9x2 square pan. The apples kind of caramelized around the sides of the pan.

Friday night lordaerith, gailmom and I headed to a party with the apple cobbler in hand. Was a very nice party. The cobbler went over really well, especially since I was able to heat it up in the oven. It was decided that it would go amazingly well with some of Amy's Mexican Vanilla ice cream.

Saturday morning we had to get up early-ish and clean clean clean for the small housewarming gathering that we were holding that day. Also, as it was the day after lordaerith's birthday I made him a chocolate Garfield cake.

The housewarming party went really well. I love that we now have a place where we can have people over without it being too crowded. I don' t think anyone hung out upstairs almost at all and there was still a ton of room downstairs. Thanks to everyone who came! To everyone who didn't, we missed you.

The funniest part of the party was when the 5 year old daughter of a friend decided to crawl into the box at the bottom of our cat structure. I had no idea a 5 year old could even fit in there, but apparently she is an amazing contortionist. Not only was she able to climb into the box, but she even managed to turn herself around, which was very impressive. Pictures have been emailed to her mother for future embarrassment.

Saturday night we ended up staying up really late hanging out with friends and cleaning up from the party.

Today we got up really late. We decided that we needed cuddling on the couch while eating breakfast and watching the last episode of Mythbusters. We were about to get comfy when the girl-cat pushed over a pillow from the back of the couch, knocking over a large glass of OJ. Cue massive clean-up effort. At least the episode (when we finally got to watch it), was good. Then Miss Gail had to go home. After she got in her car, she asked me to get her a Dublin Dr. Pepper from the mini-fridge upstairs to drink on the road. When I went to open it for her, I spilled some of it it on top of the fridge, on the wall, and down my white skirt. *sigh*I guess because there was no major party foul, the gods decided to make it up to us the next day.

But, then the Saints won (5-0 baby! Who dat???) and there were Empire apples at my local H-E-B when I went grocery shopping so that made up for the morning.
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