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They see me roll on, my Segway!

Today lordaerith and I went out to check out the East Austin Studio Tour. It was really neat to see some of the work that he and the guys that he works with work on. We also saw some amazing stone sculptures and lots of other nifty art.

Then we went on a Segway tour of East Austin/Lady Bird Lake, courtesy of lordaerith's mother. I didn't fall on my ass at all! I did end up dropping one foot off during the free-ride field riding part, but it wasn't that bad. Once I got the hang of it, it was a lot of fun. It was really cool to ride by the park and the lake and then to ride around the streets of east Austin. It was interesting to see the new modern architecture amidst the old buildings. We took pictures of us on the Segways, but in every one I'm making this weird "I'm trying to keep this thing still" smile, so I'm not going to post them here.

After that we went to hang out with the artists of the July Transplants at their instillation at a vacant lot. It was pretty cool, but we were really tired from our day and were getting hungry so we left before it really got started and got dinner.
Tags: aerith, art, austin, east austin studio tour, segways

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