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To do in the next few weeks

To do over the next week (possibly several):
  • Make cookies - Tomorrow - Made chocolate mint chip cookies
  • Pay Student loans - today or tomorrow
  • Check to see if I have all the ingredients for vegan chocolate chip cookies - Wed or before.
  • Make vegan cookies for work bake-off on Thursday.
  • Apply for that thing, if it's not too late - this week
  • Go to Tuesday Happy Hour because it's been too long since I've been
  • Pick up more vanilla extract, milk and anything else for chocolate cake - Thursday or before
  • See if I'm missing anything for icing making and pick it up - Friday or before
  • Bake chocolate cake - Thursday
  • Ice said cake - Friday between work and meeting
  • Attend meeting of favorite local non-profit - Friday night
  • Figure out what to bring to said meeting - Friday
  • Prep menorah for Chanukka - Before sundown on Friday
  • Celebrate Chanukka - Friday night, cont. for 8 nights
  • Buy birthday present for Monkey
  • Head out to B/CS for Monkey's birthday - Saturday morning, early
  • Celebrate Monkey's birthday - Saturday
  • Celebrate Chanukka with gailmom, gryphynshadow, etc - Sat. night
  • Pick up stuff to make latkahs, Chanukka gelt, and dradel (especially if kidlings are joining us...maybe get them a book about the story of Chanukka too - would be their Chanukka present from us).
  • Drive back to Austin - Sunday morning, early.
  • Attend Webcomics Weekend at Dragon's Lair - Sunday, noon-till
  • Start to get house ready for dad and step-mom's visit over Xmas.
  • Finish unpacking stuff in closet?
  • Learn Drupal (for reals!) - by the end of this month - working on this one. It's really interesting!
  • Catalog all books that are in local non-profit's library, as I am the new librarian - As soon as the LibraryThing account gets set up.
  • Add more photos to the digital library - soon, because I really should.
  • Edit and add more photos to lordaerith's online portfolio - All this month
  • Pay Water bill - before Dec. 18
  • Look into yoga studios
  • Work out at least 3 times a week. - 1 so far.
  • Write holiday letter
  • Compile holiday card list
  • Sign and send out holiday cards. - end of next week at the latest!
  • Call Ikea in Houston for TV stand that they refuse to carry in Austin store. - Did online ordering. Waiting for call-back.
  • Get the car back - hopefully early this week.
And that's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure there is more. I'm glad I have a week off between Xmas and NYE, but dad and step-mom will be in town for part of it.
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