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The continuing conversation between Austin and Massachussets

So, back when it was snowing in Austin, I tweeted as Austin writing to Massachusetts. circusrunaway responded. Since then we have been having a conversation between the two places. Here is what has been said so far:

December 4, 2009
Dear Massachusetts, why are we having your weather? Are you willing to trade back? XOXO Austin, TX.

Dear Austin, TX. Our snow ran off without permission. Please return, ASAP. Sunny weather as a reward. Love, Massachusetts.

Dear Massachusetts, would love to. It may take a day or so to gather it all up. XOXO Austin, TX.

December 5, 2009
Dear Austin, Thank you muchly for returning our snow so promptly. We hope your warmth will arrive just as quickly, but...
this time of year, with the post offices so busy, you never know! Xoxo, Massachusetts

December 6, 2009
Dear Massachusetts, Glad you got the snow. Post office is slow on delivery of warmth. Says should be in by Tues. XOXO Austin

December 7, 2009
Dear Massachusetts, There must have been some mistake. We seem to have Seattle's weather. Waiting for sunshine. XOXO Austin

Dear Austin, Many apologies! Something must have gotten mixed up. Did Seattle receive your package by mistake? <3, Mass.

Dear Mass, Don't think so. Post office was sorry for mistake. Said should be cleared up by Wed. Here's hoping. XOXO Austin

December 9, 2009
Dear Mass, Looks like you got your snow back. Did we order too much for you? Got our sunshine. Still waiting for heat. XOXO Austin

Dear Austin, Thx for the snow. It's just perfect! Looks like Seattle got our extra cold. Hope heat reaches you soon. Xoxo, MA

December 10, 2009
Dear Massachusetts, More post office mix-up, I think. It is colder out here than it is there. XOXO Austin

December 13, 2009
Dear Massachusetts, We finally got our sunshine and warmth. Took the post office long enough! XOXO Austin, TX.

I plan on adding to this post if/when we write more so it is all in one place.
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