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How Craigslist saved my XMas

All I wanted to do for XMas was to take my dad and step-mom to see Sherlock Holmes at the Alamo Drafthouse. Village, Lake Creek, even Ritz, I didn't care. I'd been watching for the past week to see when the tickets went on sale. They showed up online the day my dad and step-mom arrived (Christmas Eve Eve). So I asked everyone which theatre and what time. Of course everyone was brain dead and not focused and so I figured we'd get back to it later. Later ended up being yesterday. By then every Drafthouse showing was sold out. I got really upset because it was apparently a big deal to me, even though I didn't communicate that or even really realize it until it looked like it wasn't going to happen.

After I calmed down a bit I checked Austin's Craigslist and there were 5 tickets for the 3:30pm showing of Sherlock Holmes at the Ritz at price! So I emailed the person selling them, hoping that they weren't already gone and created a back-up plan of seeing The Princess and the Frog because it wasn't playing at a Drafthouse, so I wouldn't feel bad about not seeing it at one. But the tickets weren't sold yet and so around noon we left to go to South Austin to get the tickets. The person who had them was a sweet woman and not a scary psycho-killer at all.Yay! And it turned out that there was someone who only wanted one ticket so she gave her my number so we could coordinate that.

After that we had some time to kill so we drove around downtown and then parked and walked to the river (during which my legs decided to be cold and dry and my pants decided to rub against them in a way that made my legs really itchy and uncomfortable and made the walk much less fun). We got in line to go into the theatre and I found the friend of the person who was buying the 5th ticket. Eventually we got our tickets, I sold the 5th one to the friend and we got to see Sherlock Holmes at an Alamo Drafthouse on XMas day!

And now, here is my friend Steven (aka CaptainValor) performing an American Sign Language version of my favorite Jonathan Coulton XMas song:

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