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Dream (in two parts)

Had a dream last night in a continual setting, but it had distinct parts (at least two).

It started with me going into the Credit Union that was the old CU where I worked, but it wasn't the same building (but it was in my dream, in that weird dream way). Someone came out to meet me when I was in line or in the lobby or something and they were really glad to see me because someone had just left the CU (or was gone for a little while or moved jobs or something) and they needed my help on the project that person was working on. I said yes because I was in grad school and needed the extra money. So I was brought to the back area and shown the project. The guy who came to find me was starting to show me how to do it when the fire alarm went off. (But at some point before this he had wandered away and I was talking to the assistant of the person I was pinch hitting for to see if she was going to take this position and to see if she did if I wanted to try for hers.) Everyone was leaving the CU with the fire alarm (which somehow all the staff knew was a drill). But as I was leaving I saw this family inside who was in the lobby (different, upstairs lobby) and they weren't leaving. So I went over to talk to them and the mom told me that the girl on the couch was deaf and couldn't hear the alarm. Luckily I knew the smallest amount of ASL, especially finger spelling, and so I sat down with her, told her I could speak, and had a very slow conversation with her where I mostly finger spelled things slowly and she showed me the signs for the words I was trying to say. Her older, slightly impatient brother helped us somewhat. Somehow it came out while I was talking to them that the reason they didn't go outside was that large groups of panicked people scare her. I tried some reasoning to get them out of there, but it wasn't working. I was standing up when everyone came back in from the drill. Then the bank manager came over to the family and started yelling at them for not leaving and what if it had been a real fire, etc. Then either I or the mom or both of us explained that the girl was deaf and somehow this manager guy was being really insensitive and predjutaced towards the deaf girl and that everything he said was caught on camera and we started to convince him that if he wasn't extra nice to this family then they were going to sue, etc. Then someone came to get me to tell me I had to get back to doing the project I was on, but I said that the work day was over for me and it was time for me to go.

The next day I had my grad school job and classes, so I was going to be late getting to the CU. I borrowed my dad's car, which was a silver convertible of some type, but (and this is where things get fuzzy) dad was in the CU already or he had come there because I was already there and I need to run an errand or something. And there was a point where someone with authority (a cop?) was in the CU asking questions about stuff like something shady was going on. Anyway, I was outside with the car and I had parked it on the street and left it on because I was running in to get something or get my dad and then I realized it was still on and a convertible and so I turned back to get it but this guy was driving away with another guy in the passenger's seat and a woman in the back and I tried to run after them to get the license plate because I didn't know it, but they drove off too quickly. So then I went inside so I could tell my dad/report that it was gone but I think that they wanted me to get to work and maybe that's when the cop was asking around stuff. Anyway somehow I was in a room that was more a big tall-ceilinged plush-carpet dark wood room and I was telling dad or someone that the car was gone or I was about to tell him when there was a noise from outside. So I went out the door and down the large number of steps and there were cops there and something was wrong, but they had got it settled out. I decided to go tell one of them about dad's car being stolen and so I turned on the steps and gave my access keys to my heart-brother who was with me all-of-a-sudden and told him to go back into the building (which I knew was now locked down for some reason) and get him. I ran down the stairs and got this cop and we were going up the stairs when he was shot and killed and i knew it was because of something I knew (that had to do with why the cops were around outside in the first place, but they had all left except for this one that was shot). I knew that someone was coming after me, and had shot the cop because he thought that i would tell him something and that taking the car was all related to this. So I ran back up the rest of the stops, but the doors were locked and so I was pounding on them and calling for my dad...and that's when I woke up.
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