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I am the Lorax I speak for the trees

So, just as it's warming up and everything is growing, the evil men are out cutting down tree branches. The sight of it almost made me cry. The poor trees!!! But I took a piece of one with me and put it near my altar.

in other news, I HAVE A SUMMER JOB!!! I'll be working at Desktop Tech for Smith helping them clean computers (hardwear and physical) and set up new ones and things like that. Only sucky thing is that it's a 8am-4pm. i'm not an 8am type of person. oh well.

And...I was walking back and forth across campus today. First to Stoddard, then to the Helen Helen Hills Hills Hills Hills Chapel Chapel, then to College Hall and now i'm back home, but from this came the JOB and the knoweldge that the chapel is giving ASP lots o money for our retreat! yayness. and then i got to talk to webchicky at the WAG (where i rested from my back and forths) and found out that she has an interview with MTV next week. So, everyone wish her luck!

time to start doing work. ick. it's so beautiful. i want to play outside!!!!!
Tags: asp, job, pagan, smith, weather

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