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today at my horseback riding lesson I got to ride BAREBACK for like 10 minutes at the end of the lesson. What an amazing experience. I was riding on Urie who is a really stuborn and very hairy pony.

From my horseback riding journal that i have to keep for class:
Then, after everyone had done some trotting, [student], [another student] and I took the saddles off of our horse and led them out to the mounting block. Urie wouldn’t go right up next to it, so [the teacher] was very stern w/her and eventually she got close enough that I could get on. OH MY GOD! What an experience. I could feel Urie’s spine under me (there was a quick thought that if I repositioned myself slightly it would be a lot of fun). I could also feel her movement much more strongly than when on the saddle. I also learned that when on bareback you really have to keep your balance and make sure you are sitting up straight and have your heals down low. We even got to trot a little bit. OUCH. But fun. I had to lean back very quickly to make sure that Urie didn’t go too quickly. But it was so much fun. I really felt connected with the horse in such a new way. I think that I learned a lot about connection and balance and control from this. It was just so amazing!!!!!
When I got off of Urie I was just completely covered in her hair. I had a huge ball of it on my shirt. And, oh boy, am I sore. I already am feeling this. I’m scared of what it will be like tomorrow!
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