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Spring Break

So, it's Spring Break.

Guess what it did today? SNOW! Argh!

Gamed on Saturday. Was good. Am now a 6th level Cleric. Finally got over the 35xp i needed. yay!

Met Nayone's dad yesterday. That was strange, but i think it went well. I was a little worried when he showed up and 3Gs parents were around, but it all went ok. yay yay. Swan hurt his ankle and so Aerith drove him to the hospital and the Brewery gave us our lunch for free b/c of this. that was cool, but not cool that Swan hurt himself. Watched Sybil on tv. was really good. I have to read the book one of these days.

today has been kind of bleh. I've worked a bit on my paper which is good. I have a lot to say, but sometimes i just can't seem to express it right. blerg. Watched the boys play more of "Grand Theft Auto 3" Amusing, but kind of stupid. makes me bored.

bored bored bored bored bored. i wish there was something more interesting to do besides watch tv/movie/video games, try to work on paper/play on line, and eat lots of chocolate. i could read, but i don't really want to right now. bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored. blerg blerg.
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