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For Lent

Even though I'm not Catholic, I like to make a change in my life for Lent. Maybe it's because I find it easier to set a period of time for that change. Maybe because I think that Mardi Gras is an awesome holiday. For some reason Lent resonates with me as a time to make a change (instead of all those big changes that we "make" a New Years).

Instead of giving up something for Lent, I tend to try to change or add something helpful/healthy for me. A few years ago I gave up "not exercising." I started doing this 15 minute short workout before work. Then I stopped because they rotated it off of On-Demand. I don't remember if I did anything last year or the year before. But this year I've decided to add "doing yoga" for Lent. I've been wanting to get back to it for a while now. My goal is to do yoga at least twice a week, either by taking a class, doing at least 15 minutes of Yoga exercises on the Wii Fit, or just some time on my own. Already made plans with circoea to go to YogaYoga tomorrow after work for a beginning Hatha Yoga class. I'm excited.
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