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So, Aerith rented this game "Grand Theft Auto 3" and on one of the radio stations there are adds for Well...I had to check and there really is a However, all it is is a front page and then all of the links point to the site of the game designers, but it's still funny!! :)

*sigh* i miss Nayone! I wish she was here so she could come to Haven w/us!

on that note, I should go and shower and shave for Haven tonight.

Post shower PS:
grrr...I'm lucky i shaved under my arms first! Ran out of shaving cream when i went to do my legs. Well...I'll just wear a long skirt tonight and buy more shaving cream tommorow!

oh, and CassieClaire has an excerpt from the VSD of Sauron up now!
Tags: aerith, haven, nayone, video games, websites

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