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lots to say much to say.

Tuesday: Had a really really great time at Haven! Had a whole bunch of good conversations with people which is always a good thing. Got to dance near kiten and autumnlaughing both of whom are amazing dancers and make me feel like an akward amature on the dance floor. But Kiten said I was inspiring *blush* The only sucky things were 1) I missed Nayone, a lot! and 2) Aerith got tired and so we left before the last song *pout* oh well.

Yesterday it snowed and snowed and snowed, but Aerith and I had to go out anyway. We went over to UMass and then to Barnes&Noble where I spent too much money on a book for his mother, an issue of Games Magazine, another puzzle book, a Forbidden Broadway CD, and the I am Sam Soundtrack. Got a free cd opener and all was 10% off. yay coupons.
Then went to Space-Crime. Yay Space-Crime. Being at B&N made me feel like such a traider, but I didn't buy any Sci-fi/fantasy/mystery stuff there, so it was ok.

Then picked up Swan and Kiten and got some groceries.

I ran my game last night. My first time DMing. EEP! It went really well, i think. mostly. 3G was giving me a really hard time. Not very nice of him! It's a very interesting party. But I did as best as i could. Right before the "major fight" my head got really strange and I just couldn't focus anymore. So we called it a night. 3G drove Swan and Kiten home and Aerith and I watched some of Disney's Robin Hood. I love that movie! But then Aerith got really tired so we went to bed *wink*

Today we were going to get up early, but that didn't happen.

So, now i am at the Music and Theatre Library at Smith. I was going to listen to both La Traviatta and Aida today, but the CD of La Traviatta was missing the libretto, so they had to find me another libretto so i could follow along with the opera. By the time i finished listening to it (almost crying, but i didn't), i got out Aida and read the plot, but the opera is 2.5 hours long and the library closes at 5pm, and i didn't want to start listening to it to have to stop in the middle. So, i did some reading about Verdi and then i caught up on my LJ reading.

oh yes, happy spring, even if the weather around here doesn't think so!
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