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The Oscars

So, my house had it's Oscar party :) It's fun. I didn't win best dressed. Not that i expected to, but i was one of the few dressed up people who stayed in her outfit for the WHOLE thing!

I enjoyed the Oscars. I'm glad LotRs won as much as it did, but i have decided that cassieclaire is evil b/c all I could think of during most of the LotRs clips were the VSDs! AHHHHHH. *L* and the best part of it is that they have 2 more movies to win MORE oscars with :)

Some random thoughts about them:
1) Why were all the women wearing pale dresses? they looked icky on most of them
2) Gwyneth deserves some sort of "oh my god, you actually think you look good in that dress and with that makeup???????" award (here is a pic)
3) Congrats to Halle Berry! I guess they'll have to raise her paycheck for X2 (i knew they would make a sequel)
4) Kate Winslet makes a bad blonde (here)
5) I liked the way they played the music from The Sting when Robert Redford was getting a lifetime achievment award!
6) Julia has a great laugh
7) The Cirque de Sole performance was AMAZING!
8) I liked the way they explained the non-actor/director awards. I feel like i got a better understanding for some of those jobs.
9) i wish they had told the all the results of the technical awards.
10) there were about a million times i was about to cry and another million that i laughed at.
11) I think i will hold an oscar party next year. it's fun to watch in a large group!
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