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Good day yesterday

Yesterday lordaerith and I went to the dentist for cleanings and I got fitted for a nightgard. Not the most pleasant experience, concidering it's been about 4 years since my last cleaning, but my teeth feel way happier now.

Then it was home for two seconds to feed the cats and then right back out to Poly Dinner at Central Market. Good food and friends FTW!

We left early and headed to someone random person's house for a house party with a concert given by Zoe Boekbinder. Got there on time, which of course meant that we got there super early. Hung out with random people, chatted with Zoe and her really awesome friend Ryan, and met new people. bouncyone showed up at some point, which was cool.

Zoe started playing around 9. Dear Goddess, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her voice. She was really cute and adorable and tired from being on the road, which made her more cute and adorable. She played for about an hour (with a short break to let the niece of our host play). I love that through the internet I can get an invite to a house party for an artist I love and want to support and go to it and meet people and be accepted. I love that Austin has wacky opportunities like that.

Here are two videos of Zoe live:

The Adventures of the Turtle and the Seahorse:

Cover song done acappella with two loop petals:
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