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A conversation between safirerings and myself:

AtheneParthen0s: OMG, just got a great idea: we could make a couple of boff legal thurses and then convince team bob to work in some maenads to the plot *G*
AtheneParthen0s: we could run around all insane and stuff hehehe
SafireRings: *laughs hysterically*
SafireRings: and kill men!
AtheneParthen0s: dude, it would be soo cool!
AtheneParthen0s: yeah!!! heavy armor against men.
SafireRings: armor? we'd have to wear clothes for that...
AtheneParthen0s: and convince women to join us. Foxglove as a maenad! *rotflmao*
AtheneParthen0s: no, it's an automatic thing. like barbarian skin or something *G*
SafireRings: *gigglng* and we could hold a sacrifice
AtheneParthen0s: yeah.
AtheneParthen0s: and buy all the fae wine from the inn
SafireRings: That would be so cool
AtheneParthen0s: tavern
AtheneParthen0s: oh dear me! too funny!
SafireRings: and we could recruit all the girls for our bonfire orgy
SafireRings: Yay gamerchicks!
AtheneParthen0s: yes yes.
AtheneParthen0s: but we'd have to have my girlfriend playing so i could seduce her ;)
SafireRings: heh heh
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