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Purples that I love

The idea is, you leave a comment here and I give you a color. Then you come up with 10 things you love that are that color and post them in your journal. If you want to, link to your answers here in the comments. It been done before, but comes back around every now and then.

gailmom gave me purple (wow, I'm surprised).

1. Deep purples in the sky just as it is becoming night

2. My well-worn and falling apart <purpleshirt> sweatshirt

3. The purple flowers that grow near the bus stop by the Arboretum

4. The barks of the trees in this van Gogh painting. You can't tell from the online image that they are purple, but they are. It's what caught my eye the first time I looked at it.

5. Purple icing.

6. Purple sex toys - my favorite vibrator and gailmom's Share come to mind.

7. My new maxi dress from Target that has a primarily purple pattern.

8. My desk chair

9. The Color Purple by Alice Walker. A touching book with a fairly decent movie adaptation.

10. The color itself. Ok, I know it's kind of a cop-out but I really just love purple. It has this really rich vibrancy that I can't seem to get enough of.
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