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Day of laughter

Yesterday lordaerith and I went to the 33 1/3rd Annual O.Henry Pun-Off. We got there after the Punniest in Show started and stayed through 1.5 rounds of Punslingers. Some of the Punnist in Show was really great...some of it was only so-so...and some of it would have probably been better if certain people knew how to use their microphones. The Punslingers was interesting. I thought it would be funnier, but sometimes it was just painful, and not in a good groaning way. In a "Use your microphone" or "I can come up with three puns on that topic, why can't you" or "Your opponent was funnier and really should have won that round" kind of way. I wonder if it would have gotten better if we had stayed into the later rounds.

Here is the performance of the winners for Punniest in Show. It's a really great piece.

In between the two sections, there was an auction. One of the prices was 4 tickets to go see an upcoming Gilbert & Sullivan performance. Aerith and I bid on them and won. :) The production is right around the time of our anniversary. :)

We left the Pun-Off early and had dinner at the Athenian Grill, which was really yummy.

After dinner we headed to the Paramount to see the Alamo Drafthouse's presentation of UHF with Weird Al. First they did a little bit of a sing-a-long with some of his videos, then they showed the movie, then they brought out Al for a Q&A. The movie is just as awesome as always. There's something about watching it in a room full of people who also love the movie that just makes it that much better. And Q&A with Al was good too. He mentioned going on tour again sometime soon. I hope he comes to Austin. Considering that the theatre had sold out in 3 minutes, he's got to know that he has a huge fan base here.
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