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Throwing things at other things

On Friday night lordaerith and I went formal dress bowling with friends on Friday. We hadn't gotten dressed up in suits and dresses and gone bowling since college. We went to The Highball, which is seriously swanky. With all of us all dressed up, we fit in with the decor way better than anyone else there. In fact, one of the servers said that we were his favorite table ever because we looked like we fit in with the place (it was either that or we were all 1920s mobsters or extras on the set of Mad Men). The bowling itself was hell of a lot of fun. It took me a little while to remember which hand I bowl better with (it's my right). Out of my group, I totally lost, but it was fabulously fun, so I didn't care.

Saturday involved errands and a lot of WoW. :)

On Sunday Aerith and I went to the Yummy Living Foods tasting at Marigold - Gateway to India. Yummy Living Foods is all natural, gluten-free, vegan desserts. The food is OMG yummy. The chocolate decadence was so good as were the brownies and well, everything I tried. It's so dangerous for me to know about Marigold's. I think I wanted to buy just about everything I saw there.

Sunday evening Aerith and I played Boom Blox on the Wii. It involves making lots of throwing motions. Between that and the bowling on Friday, my arm is all sorts of sore today.
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