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Eastern Massachusetts (mostly)

On Wednsday, lordaerith and I said good-bye to our kitties and headed to the airport to fly to Boston. The flights went very well. At our layover in Houston we picked up non-pariels for Aerith's mother-in-law and 4 caramel apples (they were by 3 get 1 free) to share with the rest of his family, which we did, slowly over the days there.

Got into Logan with no problem. Got my bag and to the Enterprise dealership with no problem. Because we have a CostCo membership we were supposed to get 5% off and a free upgrade. The 5% was in the system, but the free upgrade wasn't. However, the guy was really awesome and said that he'd give it to us anyway. When we went out to look at the cars that were in our size, he mentioned that oh, there's a 2010 Prius over here and I'll give it to you for just $5 a day more. You should have seen Aerith's eyes light up :). So we took it. Drove out to Haverhill to Aerith's sister's house. Sister, niece (8 year old daughter of other sister), and sister's husband were all there. Sister's husband has a garden and grows green beens, cucumbers, and zuchinni (3 of my absolutely fav veggies) amongst other things. Dinner was made by sister and included stuff from garden. Yum! Hung out for a while and after niece was asleep, watched Role Models with sister and her husband. Still funny.

Woke up on Thursday and slowly nephew got up. He's 17 (OMG, i've known him since he was 5!!!) and his voice has dropped and he is now taller than Aerith. He stands like an awkward teen, all gangly and hunched. It's adorable. Finally Aerith's mom showed up and then everyone, except for me and sister's hubby (who was at work) went to Water Country. I had to stay at Sister's because I had to teach a class online at 2. But that was okay because I just hung out and chilled and the class went well. Also it was in the 70s and I don't do water parks until it's at least 90 out. Eventually they all got home, then we went to the store and got food to grill. Aerith showed off his awesome grilling skills.

Friday Aerith and I went to H&R Block to try to sort out some old tax stuff that seemed weird. It's still weird, but whatever. I had to teach the second half of the class that afternoon. As soon as it was over, we got in the car and headed out to W. MA to visit with artemis42 and her partner. Got caught in some traffic, so we were thankful for the Prius! Had a very lovely visit with Ms. A and her partner. They live out in the middle of nowhere with apparently lots of lesbians, musicians, and chickens (what is it about redheads and chickens?). We played music exchange. I played Marian Call for them, and they played their kirtan and an early cut their new blues album for us. A made yummy yummy dinner. That girl can cook salmon like no one else. After dinner we hung out and she showed us Sita Sings the Blues (you can watch it online if you want), which is an animated movie about Rama and Sita and some other stuff. Finally it was past midnight, so we said goodbye and headed back. I fell asleep on the way back, but Aerith was amazing and made the drive, even though he was really tired by the end of it.

Saturday we showed Sister and Niece how to make breakfast tacos :). Then we headed to Rockingham Park to meet up with Aerith's mother and uncle and watch/bet on televised horse races. All the horses I picked kept coming in one spot behind what I said, until the very end where I won a whole $3.80 and the woman behind the counter asked if I was over 18. It was silly, but kinda fun.

After a brief stop at Sister's, we headed out to wabres's Hobbit Hole. It was me, Aerith, Wabres, his brother, Wyleblad and his wife, Percival, and godspiel. It was great to see those guys again! We had lots of cheese, including queso made by Aerith. Wabres made his chicken masalla for dinner. We watched YouTube videos and talked gaming and went to Kimbel's for ice cream. We left around 11:30. On the way back to Sister's we got caught in some really bad traffic due to construction.

Sunday we woke up expecting to take most of Aerith's family to see Scott Pilgrim, but it turns out that after we got back, Aerith's sister was coming home from his other sister's house and her car got side swiped by a van and she and her car got pretty banged up. She's okay, but had wicked bruises, a cut on her head, and said that her back was hurting her. So we dropped her off at Other Sister's house and got Aerith's Mother and went to the movie just with her. Scott Pilgrim was pretty good. I wanted it to be totally awesome, but after reading the books, it was almost-but-not-quite-as-awesome as I was hoping. After the movie, we saw his mom's place and the infamous dining room table that is ours, if we could ever figure out how to get it down to Austin. Went back to other sister's and realized that it was late and Aerith and I needed to do laundry. So we took Niece back with us and did laundry and Sister's got Nephew and South Asian food.

This morning Aerith and I got up and drove into Boston, getting a little lost, to get me to the hotel. I checked in and dropped off my bags, then we drove to the airport (we got really lost...but figured it out thanks to iPhone goodness). Said goodbye to Aerith and I made my way back to the hotel via public transportation and walking. Chilled for a bit, walked around the area for a bit, and took a bath at the hotel. Now the Frenchman is here so I have to go. Yay!!!
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