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w00tstock 2.9 Austin

Attended w00tstock last night at the Paramount. tiamet is awesome and amazing and scored lordaerith and I second row center tickets.

Started off the evening by running into friends, including CaptainValor of the YouTubes. Was wearing my "Yes, They're Natural" shirt. Thanks again to made_of_paradox who got it for me. It was a HUGE hit. Made new twitter friends because of it.

The preshow slides were funny and fun. The ones that impressed us the most came from James Hanse. We're thinking of getting one or two of the Wookiee The Chew and Chrisolo Robin prints for the baby's room.

Neil Gaiman (the substitute Wil Wheaton) was running late, so Adam Savage introduced the show. Then Paul and Storm came on. They started with "Opening Band." At the right moment, we stood up, threw underpants, yelled, "Paul" and threw a bag of my now famous "Athene's Show Stopping Chocolate Chip Cookies" onto the stage. Storm, who didn't learn from last time, stuffed two cookies in his mouth almost immediately. Of course that meant that they had to stop for a few moments for Storm to eat the cookies. Paul asked who made them and then awarded me a copy of Munchkin. Not that I don't already have a copy of it, but it's nice to have a new copy with the cards in color and the new version of the rules. Of course later I found out they had Zombie Dice. I'd have traded for Zombie Dice.

The whole experience was amazing. I really can't recommend enough that all nerds/geeks/dorks/dweebs go to one if/when it comes to a location near you.

Some other highlights in the order I remember them:
The stage manager "Dammit Liz" taking the cookies away from Paul and Storm so they could continue their show.

The drummer from POTUS after having at least 2 cookies and about to eat a third, turning to me and asking if they were "special cookies."

Bill Amend showing us some of the geekier panels of Fox Trot that he's done over the years. Made me remember how a few months after I started playing D&D in college there was a strip where Jason was playing D&D and I was so happy that I caught all of the references. I actually told him about this at the signing session.

Everyone leaving a voicemail for Wil to prove that Stephen Toulouse was in Texas, a la Peewee's Big Adventure.

The "Time with Wil" videos, especially the water boiling and the drinking Guinness ones.

Neil in a monkey hat.

Neil reading a story about a writer testing the scientific effects of alcohol on creativity and using the words "Elephant spunk", which the ASL interpreters had to sign. And then everyone brining it up over and over and over again during "The Captain's Wife's Lament," much to the amusement of the audience and the chagrin of the ASL interpreters.

Adam Savage telling stories about his life, especially Jamie. "If my couch looked like Angelina Jolie, I'd fuck it." - a direct quote from Jamie.

Molly Lewis being adorably cute.

All half an hour of the "Captain's Wife's Lament." "'Who the Hell Are The Talking Heads' is my Sex Pistols cover band."

Standing in line to get the Munchkin box signed, talking with CaptainValor and other nerds and bringing up "Rejected" by Don Hertzfeldt. A whole hallway of geeks quoting, "My anus is bleeding."

The Munchkin box didn't come with any blank cards, so getting everyone to sign the box...except somehow I missed Neil. But that's okay. I have something way better from him anyway already.

Only got a few hours of sleep. This will be an interesting day. May not make it to Central Market tonight.
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