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Sleep kissing

Beyond doing adorable things when he's awake (like playing roller coaster baby), lordaerith can be super sweet when he's asleep too. See, while your partner may sleep talk or sleepwalk, mine has a habit of sleep kissing me.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Aerith will roll over and start kissing me, often quite passionately. Generally when the kiss is done I'll cuddle up against him and we'll both go back to sleep. In the morning when I ask him about it, he says he has no memory of it.

Last night was particularly sweet. After we went to bed I had trouble actually falling asleep. I probably was thinking and half-dosing for about an hour or so. Then Aerith rolled toward me. I was turned toward him. He looked deeply into my eyes, and he kissed me. Not a long kiss, but it was full of love and passion. Then he helped me roll over so I could spoon with him and put his arm around my growing belly. I fell asleep instantly. This morning when I commented on it, he had absolutely no memory of it. I would have sworn that he did because his eyes were open, but I guess not.
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