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Snow in Austin!

It snowed overnight here in Austin, TX.

Being Central Texas we are completely unequipped to deal with this sort of weather. lordaerith didn't have to go into work today. My office is opening at 10am, but we were told that we shouldn't try to make it in if it looked bad and to work from home instead. I tried calling my chiropractor's office to see about my 10am appointment and got voice mail (they usually open at 7am on Fridays).

Here are some pictures of the massive amounts of snow that is shutting down the city.

Snow on my neighbour's trampoline

Our car through the bedroom window

Snow in the backyard (through the only window I have that doesn't have a screen)

Was in the 70s last weekend. Should be back into the upper 50s/low 60s this weekend.

Edit: we let the cats out. They actually wanted to go out and didn't want to come back in immediately, which surprised both of us. Here are a few pics of them.

Natasha wondering what this cold wet stuff is on the ground.

Boris in the snow

Paw prints on the back porch
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