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#babywearing two ways, a review

I’ve been doing a lot of baby wearing lately. First because it generally puts LP to sleep and second because then I get to hold him close while keeping my arms free. I have two baby carriers, the Moby Wrap and the ERGObaby Sport with the infant insert. Mostly I use the Moby wrap, but today I tried out the Ergo.

I love my Moby Wrap. I mostly use the Hug Hold, although I have used a Cradle Hold too. LP really likes being upright on my chest, so the Moby wrap is great because I can hold him there without my arms getting tired. Makes rocking him back and forth really easy. Putting him in the wrap and walking him around is a great way to get him to go to sleep when he’s upset/fighting it. It is also great for just holding him close while I do things like write blog posts, play WoW, and do basic house cleaning. I’ve decided that I’m not skillful enough yet to do the dishes while wearing him, yet.

The Moby wrap did take a little bit to get use to. It takes practice to get the wrap just right and to figure out how to position the baby in it for maximum comfort. Also, sometimes LP does not want to tuck his head under a side piece, so I have to hold his head until he’s asleep enough to tuck it for him. Also, if he’s upset and needs out now, it can still take a bit to get him out of the wrap, then get me out of the wrap, and then attend to him. Also, the Hug Hold used a lot of the fabric to hold him in place and it can get hot, especially outside in Texas, but sometimes even inside.

For someone who has scoliosis/back problems, the Moby wrap is generally pretty good. I can tie the wrap around my shoulders and waist in a way that works with my curves. I do find myself leaning back a bit when walking around with LP in the wrap.

Moby wrap

The ERGO baby is a very different experience than the Moby Wrap. It’s faster to get the baby into, but has more adjustments to do after the baby is in it. I like that it has a wide supportive base and that the shoulder straps are individually adjustable. However, there were times when I had my arms down that I was worried that one strap was going to fall off of my shoulder (it never did). When walking around outside I felt very supported and my back felt very comfortable. Even with the infant insert, the ERGO seemed cooler than the Moby. More ventilation at this age. Also the infant insert goes above LP’s head, so I have less worry about his head. However, the ERGO with insert is definitely bulkier than the Moby Wrap, and therefore not so good for doing housework/hanging out in. I’m guessing it will slim down when LP is big enough not to need the insert (in a few months).

So over all, the ERGO is great for walking around. I could see us using it when we’re out and about and I know Darius really likes it. The Moby wrap is great for inside the house and for short periods outside. Of course all of this could change as he gets older and the way we put him in the carriers changes. For now, I’m really glad we have both of them.

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