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How to stay on the changing table forever

This post talks about my baby and poop. You know you were waiting for a post about this.

This morning my little prince woke up all smiles. I brought him over to the changing table and took off his diaper. It was a disposable (we do disposables overnight and at daycare) and was full of both pee and (slightly green) runny poop. I bent down to throw out the diaper. When I turned my attention back to him, his feet were slightly wet. Ahhh…the stealth pee. I clean up his legs, put the cloth diaper he was laying on into the diaper pail, and put a new cloth diaper under him. I clean him up. Part way through, he poops on the cloth diaper. Put that one in the pail; put another one under him; start the clean up process again. Part way through that he poops again. Wipe him up and throw that diaper in the pail. As I’m going to put yet another diaper under him, he pees all over that diaper and it hits the cover that I set out for the afternoon, a snappie, and the waterproof pad he was on. Put that diaper in the pail (so glad I have 2 dozen chinese prefolds!) and finally get him cleaned up and a disposable on him without any more incidents. Of course he was smiles and coos the entire time this was going on.

And now, here is a picture of him from last night before the Saints game:

So happy to be a Saints fan

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